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Product name:

Goron tula syrup

Where to Apply:

Inside Mouth


Take two tablespoons morning and evening

Functions for Women:

It helps to increase libido in a woman, it makes her juicy during sex

It makes sex pleasurable for both couple

It helps fight diabetics

It controls night blood pressure

It’s good for asthmatic patients

It eases menstrual pain

It cures vagina odour.

It aids fertility in women

It helps to tighten the vagina walls

Functions for Men:

It controls high blood pleasure

It prevents poor ejaculation

It boost immune system

It aids fertility in men and women

It’s anti bacteria/fungi

It cleans the kidney and lungs

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Intoxin and Mai ayu….

Product name:

Intoxin and Mai ayu

Where to Apply:

Rub quater table spoon in and around the vagina walls 30 mins before sex, do not wash off!


Quarter table spoon


It makes sex pleasurable for both man and woman and making both of you ask for more.


Amazing Package N50,000

Minimum payable amount NGN 50,000
* are compulsory